K, so it's been FOREVAH since I've posted or even visited my blogger page.  I'm teaching 5 classes this semester so I've been seriously busy!  But that's another long story that no one is interesting in.  So let's get going on what is so amazing and disgusting that I had to bring myself back from the blogger dead. 

Even though I have been absent from blogger I haven't been absent from Pinterest (what can I say - I only have time for one addiction).  I came across this Pinterest post...

How to clean a micro fiber sofa.

So we got a micro fiber sofa and immediately the kids did their magic on it and it looked horrific.  Finally got a leather sofa and stuck this one in our "play room".  I hate throwing things out and my hubby assured me that someone that worked in his restaurant would need a sofa and so it sat and sat and sat.  I had reached my limit and was ready to send it curb bound and if my husband would have been home to help me carry it out it would have been gone.  So while searching on Pinterest I saw this "How to clean micro fiber".  I figured it was worth a shot.  So check out her blog to see how it's done. 

Now for the amazing and disgusting part.  Here is my sofa.  I don't think I have to tell you which part I haven't gotten to yet.... How amazingly well just a little bit of rubbing alcohol cleans it and how absolutely disgustingly filthy this sofa was!!


Can you believe that?!?!?!?!?  It a miracle in my book!  If you have a micro fiber sofa - you MUST do this!!