Favorite designs...

So I've had this "page" on here forever - when I was just playing around with my blog and I've noticed that people keep clicking on it to see designs and DUH.. nothings there! :(
So I thought I'd add a few of my favorites that I have completed.

Here's the ruffled lamp shade that I made! Check out the original post on this fab-u-lo lamp!

And this is my all-time favorite! :) Found an old dresser on the side of the road (no drawers by the way). And I scooped it up and made a perfect entertainment center for myself!!

This was my FIRST ever piece of furniture that I did! :) I bought this desk for my oldest sons room and painted it yellow with some brown glazing. Love how it turned out, especially for my first attempt! See which colors I used and how I did it.

And I started out actually sewing clothes for my little girl. Which has now morphed into a complete furniture, home decor, craft obsession. Here's one of my favorite dress designs.

I moved on and actually made something for myself! Yay me!!! I made this bag out of laminated cotton. LOVE LOVE LOVE laminated cotton - don't know that it loves me but that's irrelevant! :)