Collegiate Subway Art

Subway art has been pretty big for a while now and I'm just now getting around to making one for myself - well not actually for myself but for a Christmas gift.
I receive emails from (if you don't you should, they have some AMAZING stuff).  Anyway, there was a company selling these collegiate prints on SALE for $125 (regularly $160).  Now granted they were framed prints but still, a print for $125.  No way!  The crafty-ness in me knew that I could make that.  Not only could I make it but I could make it better (because it was going to be painted on wood) and I could definitely make it cheaper! would be handmade and who wouldn't rather a handmade gift?  The gift that takes time and planning and thought and time and time and time...well, you get the idea! :-)  I would rather one of these gifts, but again I wasn't making this for myself.  It was going to be a gift for my dear boyfriend (sweet huh)? :)

Although I don't have pictures of the process let me show you what I started with and then my finished product.

Here is the inspiration:

So I see this and think, "I could do that"

So I started with getting that wonderful mom of mine to use the massive crazy vinyl cutter that she has to cut this just as it is.  But then, I got an even better idea to make the "NC STATE" line in red (school color) and that way it would stand out a bit more and I thought it should be bigger so we switched a couple of lines around. Also for some reason on the 4th line she couldn't get the VIA and ST so we decided to just spell out street.

Okay, once the vinyl was done I headed out to Lowe's and got one piece of plywood go match the dimensions and some trim to make the frame itself.  Glued it all together, put the vinyl on like a stencil, painted, a light sanding for a distressed look and WHA-LAH!  Done.  Well that sounds much easier than it actually was but those were the steps.  And here is my creation all done and ready to wrap up! :)

So because I used the vinyl as a stencil I had to make my background white with black letters, other wise I would have been trying to paint white letters over a black background, which would have been a nightmare.  Anyway, whatcha think?

Sweet boyfriend liked it but then again, he has to right?  Its from me and its handmade so what is he really gonna say?