My new project...

I have always said that one day I'll start working on designing purses.  Why?  Because I have very particular specs I want in a purse and it's hard to find exactly what I'm looking for and in bright crazy obnoxious colors! :)  So I was at the fabric store the other day and I have been eying this fabric for a while now.  

If you look closely two of the fabrics are laminated cotton (LOVE IT) and the other two are regular cotton fabrics.  

Anyway, I happen to start looking through some patterns just for the fun of it and because Hancocks had them on sale for $1.99 and I found a PERFECT purse pattern!!! :) 

What makes a perfect purse in my eyes.  Well, it has to be short in height - otherwise your digging down into a black hole for everything you own.  Secondly, it has to be fairly long in length because you have to make up for the fact that it doesn't have that black hole.  And finally it need to have only ONE shoulder strap because when you have two, one is always falling down and you're having to put it back up on your shoulder - SO IRRITATING!  

It was obviously meant to be and I had to buy both the fabrics and the pattern.  I was so excited I came home that night and cut out all of my fabric pieces.  Off to the studio the next morning.  Here's where it gets ugly.  Spent three hours on it the first day, one hour the second day, and finally two hours on the third day.  So we're talking 6 hours on a purse, right?  Nooooo, because the time that I wasn't in the studio working on it I was thinking of all of the problems that I had been having.  I've lost count at this point how many times I've sewn on and torn out the zipper - might be 5 or 6.  I don't know, it was like I just kept having a brain fart and when I finally just sat down and read the directions I realized what an idiot I had been (yeah, probably should have started with the directions but ya know, I had THIS).  So I got the entire bag finished minus the handle.  There were slight imperfections that I could deal with and then I saw the whammy.... the sides were not even. Which meant the front was higher than the back and since there is a coordinating fabric at the top you could REALLY tell!!!  UGH... so pissed that I have put all this time into it.  I would have taken a picture but I hate to show unfinished designs (and messed up at that).  I have been thinking about it all day and while I could tear the stitches out of all the seams I just don't think I could handle it.  

I've decided not to give up but to go into the studio tomorrow and cut new fabric and start ALL OVER AGAIN! :(

I am hoping that I can post a finished product for you soon!  I think I've learned from my mistakes and can get it made this time!!

Oh and also, I'm at the end of re-upholstering a wing-back chair... remember, I always have more than one project going at any one time!! :)  

If you guys are on JoAnn fabrics mailing list then you got the 25% off your total purchase coupon that is good for this weekend.  I saw bolts and bolts of fabric in my future.  Now usually their apparel fabric is 30% off so with the extra 25% I'd be able to get a great deal... but NOOO!  Went there Friday morning and of course all the fabric is regular price which isn't a good deal at all! :(  So JoAnn's is out for this weekend.  But on a good note, Hancock Fabrics does take competitors coupons so I can use it there and they do have some fabrics that I like on sale, so I should be heading up there sometime today to at least get something to work on!!  

Well one thing I did do last week is this ruffled top.  I had bought just one yard of this fabric to make a different shirt for Lauren and I had a little bit left and didn't want to waste any so I made this little shirt for my niece.  I LOVE it.  I had a pattern for this shirt but it didn't have the ruffle on the bottom and it just seemed like it needed a little something else.  Once I got it on my "baby" I was so happy with it! :)  I decided that the ruffle made it more like a short dress so I have decided to make bloomers to go with it...of course, I don't have any fabric left now so I'll have to buy more but it'll be worth it! :)  I only had my phone that day and posted it on facebook but can't here because it looks so blurry.   If you want to check it out here's the link.

Hopefully some new designs posted soon! :)

This is one of my favorite designs!  It is a modified shirt pattern.  My little girl just LOVES dresses so I'm always looking for a new "type" of dress so she isn't wearing the same pattern in a different fabric. 

 This fabric is a Michael Miller print and goes great with this design.  You still see the fabric but when you look close you can see the detail on the front! :)

I made the same dress in a different fabric (and a much smaller size).  If you look closely you can see that the criss-cross pattern on this one is much smaller.  Didn't really plan this but the pin tucks were bigger which made the pattern smaller.  One of the greatest aspects of handmade clothing! :)

This design in the Michael Miller fabric is in a "Top 10" contest right now on Etsy.  I would love it if you would go and vote on my design!!!  Thanks so much!!  Etsy Top 10 List
Well I was in the studio all day yesterday, which is rare (I usually have to be at home at least half the day with the kiddos)  And of course (because it is my luck) I haven't bought any bolts of fabric for a summer collection.  Speaking of...I'm thinking maybe I should just skip the whole summer thing anyway because its getting so late and go ahead and order fall/winter fabric and get started on that.  ??????  Actually, I think I've said that for the past couple of seasons!  SLACKER!  Anyway, back to my day in the studio.  First I actually cleaned and organized everything (AMAZING) and because I had no new fabric I thought maybe I should actually get back to projects I started and then never finished.  Happens all the time!  Is it just me?  I think its the creative mind.  You think of something great and you start but before you can even finish you've got another great idea!  But before you lose the second great idea you start it and think that you can do two projects at once.  HA!  Will we ever learn???

Anyway, one of the things that got started and never finished was a reversable apron.  The material was all cut out and just waiting to be sewn so I started.  Got ready to sew the ties onto the sides and realized I only had one tie and needed four.  My thought is that these pieces were cut so long ago that I have now lost the other three.  Usually not a problem but I have no more of the fabric! :(  Will try to look around at Hobby Lobby, Hancocks or JoAnns to see if I can find more.  But here it is in the making....I was sewing on the pockets for one side.  On the other side the main fabric will be the fun swirls and the pockets will be the stripes.  So cute!  Will post pictures whenever I finish this (could be awhile)! 

Now what????  Looked around and found this piece of fabric.  Okay, so I have no idea where I got this fabric but I love it - I think because its light pink and flowery and delicate but not baby-ish.  My guess is it came from a trip up to Sirs Fabrics.  Always fun by the way!!   I knew I wanted to do some kind of sundress for Lauren but wasn't sure what.  At first I was thinking shirred at the top and then ties at the shoulder - kind of dainty.  But then figured she probably has enough of those styles, so onto coming up with a new design!  Lighting wasn't great here...

 Still wanted to the top to be shirred and then decided I wanted small straps over the shoulder to be shirred as well.  I took some guesstimates (yes thats a word) on how long to make the straps and used an old shirt pattern that I had and modified it to a dress and here it is in the shirring process! :)  Again, wierd lighting for the picture but you get the point!

All said and done here is is on one of my babies as I call them.  

 And here is it on my real baby! :)

Overall I was pretty happy with the way it turned out BUT I already know of changes that I am going to make to the next one! :)  Designs are always a work in progress!  The main one is that the straps need to be longer so it doesn't come so high up on the neck.  Probably add 2 inches and see how it comes out.

A project completed!  Now on to the next......

So here we go....

I just got back from AmericasMart where I sat through a seminar where designers talked about how to re-purpose and reuse materials.  I loved the idea but more importantly each one said that you MUST have a blog if you want your business to be successful.  Who knew???  Well apparently everyone but me!  So I have set up my blog and we'll see how it goes.  Most of the time when I am sewing or creating I do have a lot of ideas swarming around in my head so I guess this is the place to let them out and maybe they will inspire you!  I'm hoping that when I'm stuck with a design thats just not working for me maybe you will have a solution for my problem! :)  That would be great!  Hey, maybe this is a good idea.  Here's to blogging....