One of my ALL time favorite designs!

This is one of my favorite designs!  It is a modified shirt pattern.  My little girl just LOVES dresses so I'm always looking for a new "type" of dress so she isn't wearing the same pattern in a different fabric. 

 This fabric is a Michael Miller print and goes great with this design.  You still see the fabric but when you look close you can see the detail on the front! :)

I made the same dress in a different fabric (and a much smaller size).  If you look closely you can see that the criss-cross pattern on this one is much smaller.  Didn't really plan this but the pin tucks were bigger which made the pattern smaller.  One of the greatest aspects of handmade clothing! :)

This design in the Michael Miller fabric is in a "Top 10" contest right now on Etsy.  I would love it if you would go and vote on my design!!!  Thanks so much!!  Etsy Top 10 List


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