Got so excited about the possibility of A LOT of new fabric...

If you guys are on JoAnn fabrics mailing list then you got the 25% off your total purchase coupon that is good for this weekend.  I saw bolts and bolts of fabric in my future.  Now usually their apparel fabric is 30% off so with the extra 25% I'd be able to get a great deal... but NOOO!  Went there Friday morning and of course all the fabric is regular price which isn't a good deal at all! :(  So JoAnn's is out for this weekend.  But on a good note, Hancock Fabrics does take competitors coupons so I can use it there and they do have some fabrics that I like on sale, so I should be heading up there sometime today to at least get something to work on!!  

Well one thing I did do last week is this ruffled top.  I had bought just one yard of this fabric to make a different shirt for Lauren and I had a little bit left and didn't want to waste any so I made this little shirt for my niece.  I LOVE it.  I had a pattern for this shirt but it didn't have the ruffle on the bottom and it just seemed like it needed a little something else.  Once I got it on my "baby" I was so happy with it! :)  I decided that the ruffle made it more like a short dress so I have decided to make bloomers to go with it...of course, I don't have any fabric left now so I'll have to buy more but it'll be worth it! :)  I only had my phone that day and posted it on facebook but can't here because it looks so blurry.   If you want to check it out here's the link.

Hopefully some new designs posted soon! :)


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