My new project...

I have always said that one day I'll start working on designing purses.  Why?  Because I have very particular specs I want in a purse and it's hard to find exactly what I'm looking for and in bright crazy obnoxious colors! :)  So I was at the fabric store the other day and I have been eying this fabric for a while now.  

If you look closely two of the fabrics are laminated cotton (LOVE IT) and the other two are regular cotton fabrics.  

Anyway, I happen to start looking through some patterns just for the fun of it and because Hancocks had them on sale for $1.99 and I found a PERFECT purse pattern!!! :) 

What makes a perfect purse in my eyes.  Well, it has to be short in height - otherwise your digging down into a black hole for everything you own.  Secondly, it has to be fairly long in length because you have to make up for the fact that it doesn't have that black hole.  And finally it need to have only ONE shoulder strap because when you have two, one is always falling down and you're having to put it back up on your shoulder - SO IRRITATING!  

It was obviously meant to be and I had to buy both the fabrics and the pattern.  I was so excited I came home that night and cut out all of my fabric pieces.  Off to the studio the next morning.  Here's where it gets ugly.  Spent three hours on it the first day, one hour the second day, and finally two hours on the third day.  So we're talking 6 hours on a purse, right?  Nooooo, because the time that I wasn't in the studio working on it I was thinking of all of the problems that I had been having.  I've lost count at this point how many times I've sewn on and torn out the zipper - might be 5 or 6.  I don't know, it was like I just kept having a brain fart and when I finally just sat down and read the directions I realized what an idiot I had been (yeah, probably should have started with the directions but ya know, I had THIS).  So I got the entire bag finished minus the handle.  There were slight imperfections that I could deal with and then I saw the whammy.... the sides were not even. Which meant the front was higher than the back and since there is a coordinating fabric at the top you could REALLY tell!!!  UGH... so pissed that I have put all this time into it.  I would have taken a picture but I hate to show unfinished designs (and messed up at that).  I have been thinking about it all day and while I could tear the stitches out of all the seams I just don't think I could handle it.  

I've decided not to give up but to go into the studio tomorrow and cut new fabric and start ALL OVER AGAIN! :(

I am hoping that I can post a finished product for you soon!  I think I've learned from my mistakes and can get it made this time!!

Oh and also, I'm at the end of re-upholstering a wing-back chair... remember, I always have more than one project going at any one time!! :)  


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