Part of bedroom redo...

By the look of my last post it's been quite a while since I've posted a blog.  I did however become active with twitter a couple of days again and a new follower today so that she checked out my blog! #embarrassing.  There are so many projects I have been working on and thankfully even a few I've finished since then but I thought I'd stick my toe back in the water with a couple of shots of my bedroom redo.

So this picture is from my iPad so it's not the clearest of all but it gives you an idea. 

I wish I had a picture of my bedroom before.  It was dark dark dark.  No lamps, no curtains, and maroon walls.  My husband picked up and walked out of me and the kiddos last March and as you can expect my bedroom was one of the first things I needed to change. 

So I picked up some paint at Lowes named "wave".  Sounded nice and serene to me.  

Got the beautiful lamps at TJMaxx.  You can't really tell but the shades are a nice dark gray that complements the blue well! :).

I scored the fabric for these curtains at JoAnns for $10/yard on sale from $40/yard!  SCORE!  I had been eyeing this fabric for awhile because I knew I wanted white but they have a design monogrammed in the, so it adds texture!  Love!

The quilt and shams are from Home Goods and again are white with white design for texture.  And just a shout out that a Home Goods will be opening up in my city soon!!!!

And lastly, I made these two little throw pillows from fabric that matches the backs of my bookcases that I made here...

So I backed the two bookcases with the fabric (these were curb side trash).  And the middle part is a bookcase that was cut down for another project - (show you that some other day).  

As you can see there is still work to be done.  I need some things for the top of the bookcase and that frame on the wall that I picked up at a thrift store by the way will end up being painted and I will insert a board with cork and fabric to hang pictures, reminders, inspiration...whatever.  I'm also getting rid of the little green plastic bins and will be inserting some other type of container.  and lastly....I need something hung above my bed....whatcha think?????