I saw this listed on Craigslist last night

and IMMEDIATELY thought of this at All Things Thrifty. She has the most AMAZING furniture transformations and even how-to videos. It is BY FAR my go-to blog!! :)

Seriously, don't you think they could be long lost sisters!! :)

And she was only $10!!!!! Could you just roll over and die right now?!?!?

Of course Brook's Yellow Table will be my inspiration - but I think I'll go with Red and black glaze... whatcha think?

Pattern design class...

Anyone else ever do this? Well I went today. The guy (yes guy) spoke a million miles an hour and it was basically a 3 hour sales pitch on all of their "stuff" from pattern pieces to scissors to how to sew books. Only paid $10 for it and didn't buy any "stuff" and there WAS a few tidbits of good information, but didn't get what I was looking for! :(

Yard sale picture frames

I found these horrible dated brass picture frames at a yard sale.

They even came with mats (dark green). Notice they are even on the drop cloth for a coat of Kilz! :)

So I put a coat of Kilz on everything then painted everything white (yeah, kind of redundant I know).

On the middle frame I wanted to do a black glaze since a black and white picture was going in there and on the other two I used a brown glaze.

On the mats I used the brown glaze and glazed the small inside part and then cut brown scrap booking paper and glued it on.


I wish that I could get some better pictures but the glare is ridiculous! Yes, I should have taken pictures of them before I put the glass in but hindsights 20/20 and the backs are secure in place and they ain't comin off!!!

You get the idea though! :)

These frames cost me $1 each and everything else I already had - great frames (especially for the price).

Puuhhlleeeeezzee! :) I've been working on my L.Lane Designs blog so much that I've been neglecting my Savvy Gifts blog. Just posted a new entry about these cups that we just got in that I LOVE LOVE and would love all of my friends to check it out and follow Savvy Gifts as well! :)

Allrighty, project #2 for the home decor is almost over. We bought these end tables before we got married (11 years ago) and they now look like ass!

I saw on someone's blog (can't remember where.. I've got to get BETTER at that) where someone found pictures of tiles on line, printed them out and mod podge them on a tray. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tiles and thought that this was a great idea - especially for an end table because you don't want the height difference from the table to the tile (I saw glasses full of juice tipping over and spilling everywhere). So I searched and searched and searched and came up with a tile that I kind of liked... better than all the rest. It wasn't a very good quality print though! I decided to hit Staples to get some photo paper and hope that it would help the quality a bit and THEN I saw these super duper cute file folders!!! I was in LOVE! Wish I would have snapped a shot before I cut them up. It was JUST what I was looking for. Loved the design, it was a great picture and it was thick cardstock type paper and it was glossy.

I sprayed the table with a coat of Kilz. Then used a tan spray paint (when I get home I'll check on the name). After that dried I brushed it with my Mocha brown Valspar glaze - leftover from the desk re-do. I actually ended up doing two or three coats of this because I wanted it darker than it turned out. Really I might like it even better if it was a little darker.

So once I was done. I mod podged the "tiles" onto the center of my table. At this point I've probably put about three coats of mod podge on it since there will be alot of drink (and spillage) on this table. And I'm probably still going to do a coat of a clear spray sealer that I have on hand.

Love the way this turned out. Seriously, in love with the pattern and the colors BUT it doesn't match any other colors in my living room. I'm wondering if I'll look at it everyday and think "that so doesn't match". I dunno... only time will tell.

I just linked this up at

Silhouette giveaway!

I am so excited for this giveaway on TT&J. I am sooooo ready to win a Silouette! I think that they are amazing and really want to make some shirts first! :)

Check out the giveaway...

Enter to win a Fabulous Silhouette craft cutter @jenjentrixie's blog http://bit.ly/chqT0C

Bloggie Hop Friday! :)

Smart and Trendy Moms hosting another great blog hop! Happy Friday!

Smart and Trendy Moms
So I saw this rocking chair that someone in my neighborhood was throwing out. And yes, I can see how you would want to throw it out - IF YOU COULDN"T SEE THE POTENTIAL!!

Okay, so yes, it has no seat but both the seat and back are going out anyway so it doesn't even matter! The structure of the chair is very sturdy and check out the design of the chair itself - couldn't you just DIE!!!

I have a couple of ideas of what I want to do with it - but wanted to see what other crafty minds see when they look at it?

I'm thinking a nice fabric redo OR an idea from an Anthropologie chair that I love....Hmmm, the possibilities are endless!!!!!
So remember this outfit I made for myself...

Which by the way I have decided I don't like and am not going to wear. The rise is too short and the top part isn't long enough. So eventually I'm going to cut them to just pants and wear with a white top.

But anyway, back when I got done sewing this I had some fabric left over and I love the fabric so I decided to make something for my daughter. Didn't have enough material for a dress so I made a simple shirt.

It's a simple pillowcase top but I added a little ruffle to the bottom because its cute! :) And I needed a little more length...

modge podge is pissing me off!!!

So I saw a tutorial somewhere (still waiting on my pinterest invite to come). Of course, don't remember where but she had cut up a wall map and modge podge it on to canvasses to hang on the wall. Thought it was a great idea and while I was at Michaels to get something else I ran across a poster that I liked and it was on clearance for $5 and the canvases were on clearance for $6. It was a sign! :) Here are the pictures of the project (well halfway through anyway).

So here is the poster I saw. I tend to veer towards flowers and in particular burgundy... need to work on that!

I got a pack of 2 16 X 20 canvasses for 6 bucks and sprayed the edges with some brown paint that I had left over from another project.

I measured out the poster and cut it to fit each canvas.

All good so far and here's where I mess up. I used SPRAY ADHESIVE to attach the poster to the canvas. Who was I to know that this would cause problems.

I let that dry and then put on a nice hefty coat (2nd problem) of modge podge.

It was BUBBLE-VILLE!! So I got online and ask, "WHY"

Found out my two main errors. Didn't get a picture of the disaster because I tore it off of the canvas too quick. (however, I will get to REUSE the canvas so not all is lost).

And lastly, I did take a picture of the second side I have sitting here. This is with just the spray adhesive and no modge podge. Looks good this way but it has no partner!! :(

At this point I can reuse the canvas so I'm only out the cost of the poster - $5.00.

On to the next project...
So I posted before about my yard sale finds. Got one thing done and two more ALMOST done. Wanted to go ahead and post the desk that I finished for my 9 year olds room.

Spent $15 at a yard sale....

and about $15 on paint...

I didn't sand this. Just wiped it down a bit and sprayed it with a coat of Kilz.

Used Rustoleum Spray Paint in Warm Yellow. Just one coat but took me two cans.

Then I used the Valspar Tinted Glaze in Mocha.

There are lots of good tutorials out there on glazing but the one I liked the most was from All Things Thrifty (absolutely one of my favorite go to blogs) check it out! :)

I brushed the glaze on and then wipped off with a rag. I didn't do a second coat of this but did "dry brush" the desk a bit to give it a little bit more of a brown color and "streaky" wood look. I'm sure those are technical terms!

I spray painted the hardware with a gloss brown spray paint and screwed them back on!

So easy!!!! And I love the way it turned out. The 9 year old isn't as impressed though! Go figure!!!

Once the hubby's here I'll get him to move it out of the garage and into the house! :)

This is posted on Thrifty Decor Chick link party. There are some great ideas over there! :)

At least I think it is. It still technically "sews" but the stiches are all out of whack. The wrong side looks like the right side (bobbin vs top thread) and even those don't look great. I've tried everything to fix this but nothing is working!!! AUGH! Has this happened to anyone out there????? Could you fix it?????

What am I going to do without my sewing machine!?!?!?!?!

April's Fury - Alabama Tornados

This is what the local news is calling our outbreak of tornados that occurred last Wed. I was thinking the twisters of twenty eleven. Whatever you call it - it has devastated our area. We've never seen anything this bad!! At my house we only had minor damage - trampoline through the fence and shutters blown off, but the neighborhood across the street wasn't so lucky! :( Our power went off Wed. afternoon around 5:00 p.m. (I think it was around 5:00 - everything was so chaotic). And we just got our power back on today...Monday around 11:00 a.m. That is 5 days of no refrigerator, no a/c, no lights, nothing. Really in the grand scheme of things we were VERY VERY lucky! I will post more about it later when I get everything back in order but for now I'm back into the world of technology!