Yard sale picture frames

I found these horrible dated brass picture frames at a yard sale.

They even came with mats (dark green). Notice they are even on the drop cloth for a coat of Kilz! :)

So I put a coat of Kilz on everything then painted everything white (yeah, kind of redundant I know).

On the middle frame I wanted to do a black glaze since a black and white picture was going in there and on the other two I used a brown glaze.

On the mats I used the brown glaze and glazed the small inside part and then cut brown scrap booking paper and glued it on.


I wish that I could get some better pictures but the glare is ridiculous! Yes, I should have taken pictures of them before I put the glass in but hindsights 20/20 and the backs are secure in place and they ain't comin off!!!

You get the idea though! :)

These frames cost me $1 each and everything else I already had - great frames (especially for the price).


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