Jumpsuit I actually made for myself...

So normally I'm sewing clothing for my little girl or sewing clothes to sell but I have never made anything for myself. Se here's where this idea came from. I love linen pants - the bigger and wider the better! :) So I've noticed alot of jumpsuits out there lately and saw a pattern at JoAnns (which was on sale for .99 so I HAD to buy it! :) I picked out a blue linen print and got to sewing. Got it finished and it didn't fit!!!! And I even made it a size bigger! WTH? I don't know what happened. Anyway, so I decided it wasn't a lost cause and I could add some fabric pieces on to the side to make it bigger....

Off I went to JoAnns to buy an additional yard of the fabric and I put 5 inch wide pieces on the outsides of each leg. Because the fabric is so busy and large prints you can't even tell that the pieces were added!! :)

So here it is.... I am planning on wearing a white cardigan over it but took pictures of just the jumpsuit (and yes notice I haven't done the hem at this point).

So as I was trying it on I thought....If I tried this on in a store I probably wouldn't buy it (it ended up a bit too big) but since I made it and put about $20 into it - I'll definately be wearing it. It'll be perfect for lounging or heading out to the store.

Well, you don't have to wait any longer. I know the suspense is KILLING you! :)


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