I miss my computer!!! :(

I mentioned in my last post about my rocking chair make-over that my computer got a nasty nasty virus and completely shut down! :(  My dad the computer genius that he is installed Windows 7 on it - so it's like a brand new computer!  YAY!  But he's had it for a week working on retrieving my pictures.  Yay for pictures BOOO for a long time without my computer! Finally got everything but he is spending today cleaning it up!  ONE MORE DAY!  The only computer access I've had is when I'm at Savvy Gifts (work) and that isn't everyday - so I haven't been able to search my favorite blogs!!! BOOOO... I miss browsing and finding great ideas and reading everyone's stories! 

Can't wait to be back into the swing of things.  Will probably spend all weekend in front of the computer catching up! :)


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