What are you working on this holiday weekend??

So if you're like my family you don't go anywhere or do anything terribly exciting on the 4th of July. Just a long weekend, full of family time, hanging at the pool, grilling out and fireworks! :) Sounds like a jam packed three days, but there's always time to do a little creating!!

What are you working on?

Me? Well, my brother's back in town. Remember the last time he was here his skills were essential in transforming curb side junk into my gorgeous entertainment center!

So I had to have a project ready when he got here. I'm close to being finished. Probably will finish up today, so I'll have it to post soon. But here's the sneak peak on the before.

Found this beauty on the curb a LONG time ago. Here's the original post.

I'm excited to show you the transformation! Now to leave you hangin...... :)


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