TWO no-heat curl techniques reviewed by your one and only!

You might have seen this tutorial floating around blogland - how to have gorgeous no-heat curls. Had to pin this one and try it. Then somewhere along the lines I watched this youtube video of another technique. Decided I must try both! :) And here just for you I'll show you both and how they turned out.

Beware lots of pictures coming up - of me and definitely NOT looking my best! But all in the name of beauty (and blogging). :)

Okay, so you start with slightly damp hair.

I'm not going into details because Simply Cadence did an amazing job explaining what you need to do. :)

Here I am after putting my hair up in a high ponytail and (doing my best) rolling it up in the sock. 

Here's a top view.  Notice how I have pieces of hair sticking out of my bun?  I think it's becuase my hair is really just a bit too short for this technique.  But off to bed I go...
And here I am in the a.m.  I wouldn't really call it "curly" but maybe just wavy.  Again, I think it is because my hair is too short to really roll up in the sock.

Okay, so on to the next technique.   Go watch the YouTube video to get the full directions.  Did ya watch it???  Once I watched it I decided right away to tweak it a bit.  If you notice her curls are only on the bottom part of her hair and I wanted curls all over so I thought I'd try to add a second elastic headband on the top part of my hair.  Hard to explain, easy to understand from the pictures...
Again, you start with slightly damp hair and I seperated my hair into two sections.  I'm not sure why I look like a deer in headlights here???

Here is the bottom part all wrapped up.

And here's both sections wrapped up.
So in the front I had to clip the two elastic bands together because the top one had a tendency to slip off.  This wasn't a big deal since I knew I wasn't going to be sleeping flat on my face. :)
Here is is as soon as I took the elastic bands out.  Pretty curly huh?!?!?
Back view.
And here I am all ready to go.
Are you loving the whining little girl in the background??? :)
Whatda ya think?
So there you are.  Have you tried these techniques yet?  Share a link to your picture so we can see how your curls turned out! :)


  • allison @ | July 25, 2011 at 7:29 AM

    GORGEOUS and you did it all while you slept! Awesome!

  • Helene | July 27, 2011 at 9:05 PM

    WOW!!!!!!!! Seriously, WOW! I love how both techniques came out but the last one is simply gorgeous! It looks like you spent HOURS on your hair!

    My hair used to be straight but after having kids it's kind of wavy some places. How wierd is that? The bottom layer of my hair is wavy but the top layer seems to be more straight so I may try this just to get more uniformity to my waves/curls!!

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