My curb side junk rocking chair makeover!!!

You might remember when I had a post about this rocking chair that I picked up off the side of the road (yes, my favorite way to get furniture) :)

Wow, just realized that I picked this up 8 weeks ago.  I definitely had it sitting around in my garage for awhile! 

I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to paint it a bright color and put some fun fabric on it. 
Now at this point I would normally show you some progress pictures but my computer crashed and died last week and I lost EVERYTHING! :(  But basically I cut all the cane off of the chair (I saved the "back" piece by the way because it was in good shape and I know that I can use it later for something). 

The chair was taken apart, primed and painted.  Sanding in between each coat.  A slight distressing at the end and finishing up with a coat of finishing wax.  Much more work and more time consuming than I originally expected, but arn't they all?!?! :)  Again, had pictures of the chair in this beautiful stage but that nasty virus took them all away! :(

My brother came back into town and if you remember from my curbside junk dresser turned amazing entertainment center he is essential in my makeovers! :) He used his router (I think) to cut a groove in all of the pieces and cut pieces of plywood to fit.  I covered the boards in a piece of fleece (so you wouldn't directly feel the board) and then covered with fabric, wrapped around and stapled.  See.....

Once that was done I stapled fabric to the front and stuffed it with stuffing - which by the way, if you do any upholstering (or want to) you know or will find out that "stuffing" is unbelievably expensive!!!  I really didn't want to spend that much so I looked for cheaper alternatives.  While at Kohl's I found big pillows on sale for $4.50 and then had a 20% off coupon, spending about $7.50 on both.  I ended up using 1 1/2 of the pillows.  Still have enough stuffing to make a couple of throw pillows!

I wanted to hide the staples as well as the wood frame (it was in pretty bad shape with the removing of the cane) so I decided to make a double piping to go around each piece.  I could go into details but there are some good tutorials out there on this.

To finish up I got out my trusty hot glue gun and glued the piping around the edge and re-attached the seats!

And here she is in all her glory!

Here's the breakdown of my costs:

Chair - FREE! :)
Fabric - $10 - Got a GREAT deal on this!
Stuffing - $7.50
Cord - $3.50
Paint - $15.00 - The biggest expense! Paint ain't cheap ya know????

That's $36 on supplies alone!

Now how to put a price on all my labor and love?????


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