Watermelon Margarita/Smoothie/Frosty

I pinned this wonderful looking smoothie last week sometime with the intention of making it on 4th of July
but ya know, I had watermelon in the fridge and really don't you think I needed to taste test it out before making it for the whole fam????? :)

Check out the recipe here.

And now for mine. I followed the recipe for the first batch (except that I only had table syrup instead of maple syrup) and I found that it was too syrup tasting for me. Probably would have been different if I used real maple syrup but hey you gotta use whacha got!

The second batch I put no water and a handful of ice cubes and some sugar (didn't measure this part just eyeballed what looked good). :)

It was okay. The next batch (and no I didn't drink all of these - they were handed out to the kiddos) had the tequila! :) Helllooooo Mama. This is where it's at! Tasted much better!!
Actually I'm drinking right now as I post. :)

Here's mine.

Okay so not garnished as beautifully but it looks like the original, right? :)

Has anyone tried this yet? Or are you planning on it.


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