JoAnn Fabrics and their "return" policy

So back in March I bought 9 yards of some upholstery fabric (I was going to cover a chair and ottoman but decided against it) - well really I decided I didn't like it, it was too dark. Wish I had a picture to show you but nope...

Anyway, JoAnn's policy is no returns after 90 days. Now on seasonal items I completely understand this. If you buy a spring item and try to return it in the fall, then of course they can't re-sell it. But upholstery fabric - it has no season - you can re-sell it anytime.

So I thought I would give it a go. After all it was $60 in fabric that I wasn't going to use (yeah, I got it on clearance). Well after the sales clerk couldn't get the register to work, the manager came over and basically said Nope, can't take it back. Here's your fabric, have a nice day. I said, really? I can't just get a store credit? God knows I would use it! But he said that there was NO WAY to over ride the system. Really??? There's always a way.

So I got to work and immediately emailed the company to explain that I thought it was ridiculous not to take it back just because I was a teeny weeny past the ninety days and all I wanted was store credit.

And wha-la I got an email from the store saying that they would gladly accept the fabric back. Yep, I thought so.

Just in case you thought I might have sent one of those nasty emails about how everyone was rude and I should not only get my money back but shop for free for a year - thats not me! It was a very nice email just stating my case! :)

So I got a $60 credit and of course already spent some of it - so thumbs up to JoAnn's for taking my fabric back - I'll definitely keep shopping!!


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