Cheerleading/Swing skirt - Tutorial

So I had some MSU fabric left over from a few years back when my mom made this little pillow case dress.

She's my cutie baby! :)

Well now she's 4 and I found the left over piece of fabric. It wasn't very much so I wasn't sure what I could do with it. But then I came across bandanas at JoAnns on clearance for $.99 and decided on this cheerleading/swing skirt for her.

These are super easy to make and all you need is two coordinating fabrics. I cut each piece 8 1/2" by 12". I cut 5 pieces of the main fabric and 6 of the bandana fabric. You can change your dimensions for whatever size you need.

Once I cut them I went ahead and roll hemmed the bottom of the fabric but didn't need to do it on the bandanas since they are already hemmed (yay). Then just stich them together like so:

Then you'll have one long strip. Lay it out and bring the seams of the main fabric to the middle of the bandana (or other fabric) and pin. Do this all the way around. It will look like this:

See how the bandana is the back piece.

At this point you just need to stitch across the waistband to keep everything together, turn it over about 1/2" and make your casing for the elastic, insert elastic and WHA-LA... you're done!! Super easy and super quick!!

It turned out exactly how I wanted! I have some left over bandana material and I am going to applique on a shirt "MSU". Will post pictures of that whenever it happens! :)


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