Curb side junk turns entertainment center!

Yep, I'm a curb picker. I can't seem to help myself. I see perfectly good furniture that just needs a little TLC and imagination! Here's an old shell of a dresser that was on the curb recently.
I knew immediately that it was the exact size I needed for an entertainment center. I have been looking forever for something to put in this space and organize this disaster!!!!

Ugh! Isn't it a mess!!!

I had a vision but needed a bit of help. Lucky for me, my brother came into town and he's the wood-working expert!
Notice the beer there on the top of the dresser. A working essential! :)

Here it is after a full day of work! You wouldn't think it would have taken a whole day to get that far but there was a lot of cleaning, measuring, cutting, sanding.... you get the idea!

Begin the second full day of work:

I'm not gonna lie, this one was some work. But I love the way it turned out. Here's some pictures! I just got it in my house so I don't have it completely fixed yet but couldn't wait! The components will go on the middle shelf but our cords aren't long enough so we'll have to get some new ones. And then I'll have the top of the "dresser" to decorate! :)

Found these storage boxes at Michaels after the fact and they ended up matching up PERFECTLY! It was meant to be! :)

The middle row will be for the components that are now stacked on the top. We found out when we moved this piece in and set it all up that our cords are too short. Easy fix, we just need to order longer ones and wait. UGH....

And see these cute little "drawers". These are photo boxes that I got at Michaels for $2 each, covered the fronts with scrapbook paper and screwed a draw pull on... wha-la - insta drawers for our mess of dvds and games.

I'm sure once everything is "fixed", done and decorated I'll be posting some more pictures but had to share one of my favorites!!! :)


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