New Upholstery Project!

I found this AHH-MAZING sofa on the curb yesterday in my neighborhood! Yes, you heard me right...ON THE CURB!!! I literally slammed on the brakes and said "OH MY GOD". You better believe that I scooped this one up quick! It is Sooooo cool. Wanna know why?? Do ya, huh? do ya?

Well, just look at it's gorgeous shape!! I can already see something beautiful like this from Anthropologies thats been sitting in my Pinterest board.

And really I think the BEST part of this sofa is the fact that is comes apart and it could be two chairs!!!! Hee hee heee... I can't stop smiling about this one!

Wonder how long its going to take me to actually get it re-finished though? And I'm definately not selling this one! It is mine... ALL MINE! :)


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