Father's Day...

Well today's the day we do the traditional dozen doughnuts from Donut Palace (seriously the BEST doughnuts I've EVER, EVER had). But outside of that there's not much to buy for my hubby. See he's one of those wants big expensive things like a $200 golf club, which of course I cannot afford to buy. But of course, I always want to do something.

I found this on Pinterst via Bits of Everything and I thought it was the cutest thing and my hubby LOVES and I mean LOVES sweets so I thought it would be perfect. Packed up the kiddos yesterday and headed out to buy the supplies. Found everything but the Now and Laters (do they make these anymore)? We looked at 4 places - so I had to change it a bit but still turned out great.

My kids wanted to be the ones to make it so my 9 year old wrote all the words (notice how ours doesn't look nearly as pretty) and the middle child taped all the candy on. Little one just watched! :)

Aren't they cute?! :)

We gave it to their daddy this morning (with the doughnuts of course) and he really thought it was the cutest thing he's ever seen! *insert brownie points here for me*

I'm going to print a picture of it later today and frame it for him so he'll have it long after the candy is eaten.

Hope everyone else has a wonderful Father's Day!


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